Strongu stu-u6

Please provide information leading to the official delivery of any strongu stu-u6

Return Kevin Katovic's Bitcoin to: 12osQmoidJpMKGJjtu2SSrhwYsY3g92p2k

Bitcoin Stolen StrongU Miner STU-U6 .1440803 paid to 1Q9r9T7U3syKa1v7CxmKiFccSo2qSs9XWD via

My advice is not to buy anything " Pre-Sale " ensure you know where the seller is physically and if the product exists. There seems to be many scams where companies overseas claim to sell a high profitable asic at a reasonable price only to steal the bitcoin and have no intention of providing any product. Perhaps the strongu stu-u6 doesn't exist or Grin Asics? Please provide me more information.